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It’s almost here!  This Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 5-7 p.m.,  I’ll be at the Uptown Arts Bar sharing behind-the-scenes secrets on The Color Eater and reading from the manuscript.

I’ve had loads of weird raffle prizes donated, and you can win any of them.  Even if you can’t make it to the event, you still have a chance to win:

  1. A character’s name in my next novel— The winner of this raffle will pick the name of a character in my next book. I can name the character after you, or someone you love, or someone you hate, or you can pick a random name that makes you giggle.
  2. Event Promotion— I’ll promote an event (within the next 12 months) for you by: setting up a Facebook event, adding the event to 15+ events calendars in the KC metro area, and regularly tweeting and/or Facebook-posting on your author page/twitter accounts leading up to the event.
  3. Twenty-page critique—Do you have a short story or the opening of a novel you want feedback on?  Win this prize and I’ll critique up to twenty pages and provide line edits as well as developmental feedback.
  4. Before and after. Three chapters of The Color Eater—For those of you interested in a behind the scenes look of how a story evolves through time, this is a great sneak peek.  You’ll win signed manuscript pages of the first three chapters in their original and final forms.
  5. Andy’s cookies—Andy’s cookies are magic-yum-works of art. Check out buy finast cheapphotos to see the mind-blowing level of artistry he brings to baked-goods.  The winner of this raffle will get beautiful, delicious cookies for an occasion of your choice. (Must be used within 12 months of raffle drawing.)
  6. buy finast defense—Three pounds of local honey that tastes like liquid-gold-magic on your tongue.  The bees live in the 64114 zip code and forage up to five miles of prime Kansas City gardens to bring you this tasty treat. (Did you know? All the worker bees are girls, and all boy bees do is have sex and die.)
  7. Beauty & Relaxation Glam bag — stock full of everything from buy finast online forum, Amplimascara, Konjac Sponges, and more!
  8. Spectacular hand-made jewelry,
  9. An hour long signature facial at  buy finast online usa.
  10. Custom knit ware from buy finast online
  11. One free session of clinical hypnotherapy from buy finast
  12. A shave and haircut from The Gents Place

Where to buy finast in kuala lumpur, Buy finast by merck

1 raffle ticket for $10, 3 for $25,  or 10 for $50!

via PayPal

buy finast generic

(If you’re not already logged in to PayPal,
it will ask you to login at this point)
Enter the $ amount
click: NEXT

Maybe you’re thinking “OMG, Jess I really want to name a character in your book, but there’s no way I can make it to the Arts Bar on this Saturday!”  That’s okay. You can still buy raffle tickets. Just e-mail me with what you want to win, and on the night of the show I’ll drop your tickets in the bowl for the specific item.

I can’t wait to see you at the buy finast online cheap!


Conoley Color Eater Event

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