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Caleb Harman is a hell of an artist and the penultimate creator—which is why I decided to make him the first non-writer interview in my podcast series. I know absolutely nothing about art, and was a little worried my lack of knowledge would lead to a crap interview, but it turns out creativity doesn’t care […]

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One month from today I’ll be reading in the  WTF stories for your earballs show at the Uptown Arts Bar!  The WTF writers group hits the stage once again for a night of unexpected adventure, laughter, and fun as we read our latest work. Be hypnotized by Dawn Downey’s creative essays, mystified by Annie Raab’s magical […]

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If you ever have the chance to see Jason Preu read live GO. You won’t regret it. The way you look at writers and readings will be forever changed. His mad skills with words and captivating stage presence are just a few of the reasons why I wanted to sit down with Jason for the […]