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How to Find (and Be) a Great Critique Partner

In this ninety minute session, learn how to be a CP other writers clamor to work with and how to build a support group for your writing. Learn the elements of constructive feedback and hone your critique skills. From finding critique partners and beta readers, to the value of accountability partners and emotional support groups, successful writers create a support network. Learn how to build yours to become the best writer you can.

Includes: Presentation (45 minutes), live critiques of work provided by class participants (30 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)

Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Suggested audience size: up to 40

Fee for onsite presentation: $300 within 45 miles of Kansas City metro area.  Outside of KC metro buy finast cheap for additional rates information.

Steps to Traditional Publication

A sixty minute, behind the scenes look at publication.  Using my writing career as a case study, I guide you through a novel’s first critiques to finding an agent and submitting a final manuscript with the Big-5 publishers. Bringing my managing editor and writing experiences to the table, this workshop provides insight to both the writer and editor’s perspectives on publication.

Walk away with in-depth information and resources (including recommended reading, podcasts, and website references) to guide you on your next steps to traditional publication.

Includes: Presentation (45 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)

Suggested audience: Writers interested in traditional publication from teens-adult.

Suggested audience size: up to 100

Fee for onsite presentation: $250 within 45 miles of Kansas City metro area. Outside of KC metro buy finast cheap for additional rates information.

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