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For me, the key to quality work on deadline is remove all decisions except the one’s that pertain to my scenes and characters. No real life decisions. No phone calls. No appointments outside the house. All of these things improve the likelihood of a successful day. My ground rules: 1) Recognize and appreciate the time […]

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It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m volunteering at a teen literary conference. I’m sitting at the book sales table talking to my new BFF, who’s name I can’t remember. The night before, she had asked about my shoes, “Were they comfortable when you got them?” In the midst of the very classy mixer, surrounded by […]

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Join me May 12th, 2018 at the Mid-Continent Public Library’s LitUp Festival. This all-day literary event was designed with teens in mind. I love when young fans get direct access to the creative minds that inspire them, and that’s exactly how MCPL set up the day. Teens are staffing the event and interviewing all of […]

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Posted on Apr 10, 2018 in buy finast cheap | cheap finast india

•    Narrate an audio book. •    Travel to a foreign country on book tour. •    Receive unsolicited fan art. In 5th grade Owen has already accomplished something I aspire to do in my career. He created something that positively impacted another human. He helped me achieve one of my life-long goals by sending me my […]

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Every other Tuesday I share a story via my newsletter. My newsletter is where I figure things out. It’s where I share secrets with my friends and give them sneak peeks into my life. I’m honored when someone signs up. It’s like I’ve found another friend to join me in my writing world. My newsletter […]

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No, that is not my hat. It belongs to my father. He’s a man who goes on epic motorcycle trips, likes Loreena McKennitt, and stops at the gun factory on his way back to Kansas.  (Side note, gun factory’s have really fancy spa-like lady’s restrooms.  Weird, right? And Dad says it’s not a factory, but […]

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Jessica’s Notable Reads of 2017 It’s the beginning of 2018, so that means I had to log all of the books I read last year into my Goodreads account to see if I met my reading goal for the year. (If you’re on Goodreads find me and lets be friends, please!) My goal was to […]

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This year was big. I signed with a major literary agency, did my first solo reading, went to my first writers’ retreat, sat on an editorial panel at a writers’ conference with a major acquisitions editor from Penguin (looks like I haven’t told you guys about that yet, but I’ll get that story out to […]

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At The Color Eater debut on August 12th, 2017 we did a mini question and answer session.  The crowd at the Uptown Arts Bar had a ton of fantastic questions, and we clearly didn’t have time for me to answer all of them. This post is dedicated to the questions ON WRITING. Check out my […]

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At The Color Eater debut on August 12th, 2017 we did a mini question and answer session.  The crowd at the Uptown Arts Bar had a ton of fantastic questions, and we clearly didn’t have time for me to answer all of them. This post is dedicated to the questions OFF WRITING, check out my […]