My Great Escape by jessica Conoley

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A collection of essays that will ring true to anyone who has dreamed of earning a living by doing something they love. Join Jessica Conoley as she escapes her Evil Corporate Job and finds her footing starting a career in creative writing. Conoley’s distinct voice, direct style, and quiet humor offer insights into a journey so many of us are ready to take.

With unflinching honesty Conoley walks you through the uncertainty and excitement of discovering the world in a whole new light. In The Voice At the Back of My Neck she tackles the inevitable fear that comes with life-altering change. Conoley discovers Retirement doesn’t just apply to a career change. When her Evil Former Corporate Job calls to ask, But, Why’d We Break Up? she’s got an answer for them. And, in her flagship essay, Alone Together, Conoley delves into the age-old question of: where do I fit in?

This is a book for anyone who dreams of more than a mindless job. It’s a book for anyone who needs a short escape from their own reality.