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This week I sat down with Annie Raab as part of the KC Writes Interview series. I know Annie from her fiction writing, but Raab is best known in Kansas City as an art critic at The Pitch and as the Senior Prose Editor for Kansas City Voices magazine. We had a great chat in […]

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This week I sat down with Dane Zeller-master of dialogue, short story writer, playwright, novelist, and unbeknownst to me prior to this interview, actor and producer. You can hear the full interview at where we talk about: Using dialogue as an outline for a short story. The difference of writing a short story with […]

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Meet the (indirect) inspiration for the KC Writes interview series: Shannon A. Thompson! I had a great time interviewing Shannon—not only is she an extremely versatile writer, but she’s also the first fantasy author I’ve been lucky enough to interview. Check out the full podcast at for details on: The surreal nature of being the […]

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I had a great time interviewing Pamela Eglinski for my KC Writes interview series. Pam and I first met through Kansas City Writers Group, and we worked together on Volume 10 of Kansas City Voices. We had tons of fun talking about: The challenges of writing: novels, novellas, and anthologies. Pam talks about how each […]

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I launched my KC Writes interview series this month, and Dawn Downey was brave enough to be my first interviewee. The series evolved from the Missouri Writers Guild conference and a conversation I had with another Kansas City based writer. She said she had a hard time meeting writers around town, which was crazy to […]

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If you missed part 1 click here to catch up. “How do you balance your editorial brain with your writing brain?  Is it symbiotic? Or do you have to mute your editorial brain to finish your first drafts?”  I ask. George R.R. Martin pauses, “Now that’s an interesting question.” Interesting.  That could be good.  It […]

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You may remember My Great Escape a few weeks ago that ended at a super secret library event.  At that event the guest of honor was George RR Martin.  While I would like to assume everyone knows who GRRM is, I realize my blog includes readers (like my Grandma) who may not have stumbled upon […]