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Jessica’s Notable Reads of 2017 It’s the beginning of 2018, so that means I had to log all of the books I read last year into my Goodreads account to see if I met my reading goal for the year. (If you’re on Goodreads find me and lets be friends, please!) My goal was to […]

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This year was big. I signed with a major literary agency, did my first solo reading, went to my first writers’ retreat, sat on an editorial panel at a writers’ conference with a major acquisitions editor from Penguin (looks like I haven’t told you guys about that yet, but I’ll get that story out to […]

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I did a bit of extra writing for the Whispering Prairie Press newsletter this month. I’d read Luttrull’s book and found it extremely helpful, so WPP decided to include my review in this month’s newsletter. You sold your first piece of work! Hooray! Congratulations! Celebrate that check, because it is a major moment of creative […]