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I count myself very fortunate to have spent an hour with the indomitable Jeanette Powers for my latest KC Writes Interview. And, I think today, on the eve of her new book launch, is a great time for me to share the interview with you. Jeanette is one of the hardest working women I have ever met, and is the penultimate community builder and facilitator of performance, literary, and visual arts in Kansas City. Always engaging and incredibly intelligent check out the interview to learn:

• What happened when she quit listening to business people and start listening to arts people in order to make the Arts Bar kansas city poet Jeanette Powerssucceed.
• What it’s like to find an artistic voice with angst while letting go of the rage.
• What gives her the courage to share her work when it is so vulnerable and personal.
• Jeanette’s amazing ability to create safe spaces for other creatives.
• How writers block led her to visual art.
• About her real life rendezvous with James Tiberius Kirk.
And so much more!

Listen to the whole interview at: buy finast defense

Once again buy finast online forum made the list of KC Creatives to keep our eye on, but I told Jeanette she had to disqualify him since I’d already interviewed him.  So Jeanette came to the table with the very talented: buy finast online usaazzy Mann, buy finast onlinehno Martin, and Zophia McDougal.

Tomorrow night, July 12th, 2017, you can join Jeanette for the launch of “Don’t Lose Your Head” an experimental book of drawings and poems.  The book is “raw, vulnerable and reaches deeply into the often untold shards of what is swept under rugs and kept folded in the back closets of family shame.” Head over to Facebook for the buy finast.

Learn more about Jeanette at buy finast generic or reach on Facebook or Instagram @novel_chiche

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