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Posted on May 9, 2017 in Promotions | 2 Comments

I’ve done something that makes me terribly uncomfortable, and since it’s directly related to my writing career I figured I should tell you about it.  I’ve gone and booked my first solo-speaking event. I’ve committed to entertaining a room full of people for ninety minutes all by myself.  And, oh yeah, I’m going to hire a videographer to tape the entire thing.

Of course, you’re invited! And, don’t worry; I’m way early in this announcement. The show isn’t until August 12th (5 p.m.-7 p.m. at the Uptown Arts Bar), so you have plenty of time to get it on your calendar.

See, I’m going to have a much better chance of getting The Color Eater onto store’s shelves if publishers think I can sell books for them—hence this whole cockamamie idea.  Publishers want to know I can read my work to a room full of people without fainting.  They want to know I’m the type of person who can get in front of a TV camera and captivate people long enough that a viewer will remember the name of my book and buy it.  They want to know I can handle a bit of audience banter without losing my composure or the audience’s interest. The publisher’s theory is if I do all of these things well I’ll connect with readers for the long term. And, because of that connection people will buy this book, and the next one, and the next one.

After the show I’ll send the tape off to my agent, Lucy.  Starting in September, Lucy will be out selling The Color Eater to publishers. Hopefully my video will be so dazzling she can show clips in sales meetings and it’ll start some sort of crazy bidding war that brings me wealth to the end of my days. (Highly improbable, yes—but not impossible!) The entire August event is one more tool to help convince the bankroll that not only is my book a good investment, but I am too.

Why am I telling you about it so early? Because I could use a little bit of help before August, and this is where you come in.  My friends and I were talking about author visits we’ve enjoyed, and we realized the Q&A session has been one of our favorite parts.  I figured I could start collecting your questions now, compile them into a big old list, and then finish out the event by answering your questions.

What do you want to ask me about my writing career? Favorite books or authors? How I find my subject matter? Do I write every day? Weird writer habits?

Please send your question my way anytime before August 1st.  Also I’m researching videographers, so if you can recommend a videographer in the KC metro I’d appreciate their info.

Thanks for sharing in my latest crazy experiment, and I can’t wait to hear your question!





  1. Rita R Zeller
    July 11, 2017

    Hi Jessica, Dane has told me about the upcoming Arts Bar event…sounds like so much fun…. I want raffle tickets….lots of them!!!! Also, have you found a videographer? We know two people !) Todd Feeback…now works for the KCStar in video production and Pete Wilkerson…has worked in broadcasting, now has company of his own…… Bye for now……can’t wait for Aug. 12th..Rita

    • Jessica
      July 11, 2017

      Hi Rita! I’m so happy you’re going to be there. And, yes I found a videographer, he comes highly recommended so I think it’s going to work out well. I’m excited to see you and hope you’re doing well 🙂


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