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This week I sat down with Annie Raab as part of the KC Writes Interview series. I know Annie from her fiction writing, but Raab is best known in Kansas City as an art critic at The Pitch and as the Senior Prose Editor for Kansas City Voices magazine. We had a great chat in […]

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This week I sat down with Dane Zeller-master of dialogue, short story writer, playwright, novelist, and unbeknownst to me prior to this interview, actor and producer. You can hear the full interview at where we talk about: Using dialogue as an outline for a short story. The difference of writing a short story with […]

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Meet the (indirect) inspiration for the KC Writes interview series: Shannon A. Thompson! I had a great time interviewing Shannon—not only is she an extremely versatile writer, but she’s also the first fantasy author I’ve been lucky enough to interview. Check out the full podcast at for details on: The surreal nature of being the […]

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IBE&TIHD, Springfield Edition By Jessica Conoley PIE = YUM; MEAT = DELICIOUS; ere go MEAT PIES = YUMMY DELICIOUSNESS. Deciding it was time to add another IBE&TIHD adventure to my list, my mom-parents and I set off in search of meat pie in the town of Springfield, MO. Everything I knew about meat pies prior […]

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I had a great time interviewing Pamela Eglinski for my KC Writes interview series. Pam and I first met through Kansas City Writers Group, and we worked together on Volume 10 of Kansas City Voices. We had tons of fun talking about: The challenges of writing: novels, novellas, and anthologies. Pam talks about how each […]

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I launched my KC Writes interview series this month, and Dawn Downey was brave enough to be my first interviewee. The series evolved from the Missouri Writers Guild conference and a conversation I had with another Kansas City based writer. She said she had a hard time meeting writers around town, which was crazy to […]

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IBE&TIHD, Tennessee Edition By Jessica Conoley For this dinner you’ll need a little backstory. 1) I am from Kansas City. 2) Kansas City invented real barbecue. 3) I love barbecue. 4) The rest of the world makes very delicious meats—sometimes they call them barbecue, and they are wrong but to be polite I don’t tell […]

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Location: Vito’s, 927 9th Ave, Seattle, WA Time: February 13, 2016 7:30 p.m. PST I could start with the décor straight out of a ‘50s mob-olicious film—red leather banquettes, black marbled mirrors, candlelight that makes everyone look good. I could enthrall you with the in depth Battlestar Galactica discussion, or tell you the tale of […]

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I’ve Been Everywhere, and Then I Had Dinner Bangor Edition by Jessica Conoley Location: 11 Central, Downtown, Bangor, Maine. Oil paintings by a local artist, favoring vibrant colors, brighten the brick walls. Large plate glass windows at the front of the restaurant overlook Central Street. The tables are arranged with an open feel, and the […]

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I’ve Been Everywhere, and Then I Had Dinner, Boston Edition by Jessica Conoley Location: Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar in Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts. A sidewalk table, under an awning, with a view of all the foot traffic and shenanigans, like this guy. Even though there’s canvas over our heads, small almond shaped yellow leaves […]