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Want to meet some Kansas City Writers? Save the Dates!

Want to meet some Kansas City Writers? Save the Dates!

Posted on May 10, 2019 in KC Writes, Promotions

I’m excited to be partnering with the Johnson County, KS Library for Writers United! Our amazing library is making it a little easier for writers to find one another by having monthly writer meet-ups this summer, and they were kind enough to invite me to be a guest host. If you’re in the KC area […]

3 Reasons Editors Love Standard Manuscript Format

3 Reasons Editors Love Standard Manuscript Format

Posted on Apr 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

Did you ever wonder why publishers & agents are so concerned about formatting? 1. It’s easy on our eyes. The double spacing, simple fonts, and wide margins minimize editor eye strain. 2. There’s room to write our notes when we edit by hand. Yes, sometimes we still print out entire manuscripts and mark them up! […]

Podcasts for days! What’s your favorite listen?

Podcasts for days! What’s your favorite listen?

Posted on Mar 4, 2019 in Review, Uncategorized

I had a great time getting book recommendations from you in response to my Best of 2018 Reads newsletter, I thought I’d pick your brains yet again. But this time I want to know what’s in your ear-balls? There’s a slight chance I may have become addicted to podcasts. I like listening while I take […]

About working with me...

“A very perceptive editor whose feedback is spot-on, insightful, and acutely intelligent. Jessica helped me improve my work in a way that I could not have done by myself.”

Paul Dorrell, President and Author, Leopold Gallery

- Paul Dorrell – Mini Critique Client

“Jessica has amazing editorial intuition. She not only helped me with mechanical and format issues, she gave insightful direction about plot, character POV, and general flow. She challenged me to make my manuscript better. Now I’m confident to start shopping it to agents. “

- Jim C.-Comprehensive Critique Client

“Jessica’s editing instructions are insightful and clear. She said, “Move this sentence down three paragraphs.” I did, and then the story flowed effortlessly. She has an eagle eye for spotting the best place to begin a story. After I get a piece back from her, I’m inspired and can’t wait to start writing. She’s easy to work with, she welcomes my questions, and stops when my sensitive writer’s ego can’t take another suggestion. Because of her editing, my third published book is quantum leaps better than my first one.”

Dawn Downey, Author of Searching for My Heart, Essays about Love

- Dawn D.-Comprehensive Critique Client