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Are you: burned-out and looking to reconnect with your creativity and purpose? Launching your first creative business? Or an entrepreneur writing your first book?

As a certified life coach, I contribute my experiences as a writer, editor, and business owner to every coaching session. Boost your creativity, productivity, happiness, and more.


Do you want to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience? My well organized, informative workshops tap into attendees’ creativity, compassion, and courage.

Pragmatic knowledge is balanced with mindset insights in every presentation. Participants walk away feeling connected, supported, and motivated. Ideal for businesses, conferences, writers’ groups, and more.



I’m best known for my non-fiction writing, but I’m also the author of THE COLOR EATER, a debut fantasy novel with big moral questions at its heart.

Imagine the charming characters, mythical-industrial world, and winking humor of a Studio Ghibli story—but with a gritty twist.

I’ve made it this far in my career because I have an excellent mutual support system.

I educate, entertain, and build community for you. You fuel me energetically by: reading and sharing my writing, working on your dreams alongside me in our community co-working sessions, and financially investing in me.
Thank you for supporting me every single month and enabling me to help others live their creative dreams!

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