Month: September 2016

KC Writes Interview-Annie Raab

This week I sat down with Annie Raab as part of the KC Writes Interview series. I know Annie from her fiction writing, but Raab is best known in Kansas City as an art critic at The Pitch and as the Senior Prose Editor for Kansas City Voices magazine. We had a great chat in her tree house of an apartment talking about: How invisibility makes you a stronger fiction writer. The need for bravery to write criticism. A more …

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I’ve Been Everywhere & Then I Had Dinner, Pasadena

I went to L.A. for love. It’s where my dog-boyfriend, Wally, lives. This is Wally, as you can see he is very handsome. Wally is also famous and has his own instagram. (Ignore the pictures of him with other women. He is in love with me. Those other women are models who throw themselves at him. His mom is a brilliant fashion photographer, and she says the models always are falling all over my boyfriend.) Wally’s mom, Diana King, asked …

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