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I would love to speak at your School, Library, or Writing Organization!

I began professionally public speaking in 2011 and quickly found my voice on the podium. I’m happy to talk about writing,  editorial work, or the behind-the-scenes business side of our profession. I have spoken at conferences, festivals, writers’ group meetings, schools, and more.

See me in action by clicking here or browse interviews and more on my media page. Want to know what other’s are saying about my presentations? Head over to my testimonials page to find out!

I’m available for: readings of my work, author interviews, sitting on and/or facilitating a conference panel(s), delivering a keynote speech, emceeing your literary event, leading a writing workshop, or school visits.

“The best thing about Jessica’s advice is her friendly encouragement balanced with the facts and information that is actually useful.” Melissa D.

I’ll have a few questions for you before pricing the event, as rates are dependent upon size of audience, location, etc. You can reach me via my contact form or via email jessica[at]  I look forward to speaking with you!

See below for sample workshops.

How to Find (and Be) a Great Critique Partner

“Jessica answered all the questions I had about critique partners that I didn’t even know to ask! I left more informed and with practical information I can (and will!) use right away. Thank you!” Sue M.

Learn how to be a CP other writers clamor to work with and how to build a support group for your writing. Learn the elements of constructive feedback and hone your critique skills. From finding critique partners and beta readers, to the value of accountability partners and emotional support groups, successful writers create a support network. Learn how to build yours to become the best writer you can.

“Energetic, entertaining presentation about how to create, find writer’s critique group. Stories and first-hand experiences make this presentation a hit!” Debbie T.

Includes: Presentation (60 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes). Option to expand to a half day workshop where authors practice their critique skills as Jessica facilitates different types of critique formats.

Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

“Jessica speaks well and [is] very understandable.   Her enthusiasm about the subject she chose (critiquing) is very motivational. She provided detailed & informational handouts. I would highly recommend you to take one of her classes.” Marnie E.


Steps to Traditional Publication


“What Jessica Conoley has to share is a crash course in how to get published. Her message is clear and entertaining. She takes you on her journey to published writer.” Jan W.

A behind the scenes look at an author’s path to traditional publication.  Using my writing career as a case study, I guide you through a novel’s first critiques to finding an agent and submitting a final manuscript with the Big-5 publishers. Bringing my managing editor and writing experiences to the table, this workshop provides insight to both the writer and editor’s perspectives on publication.

Walk away with in-depth information and resources (including recommended reading, podcasts, and website references) to guide you on your next steps to traditional publication. Great for fiction or non-fiction authors shopping either short works or books for publication.

“Jessica is great at bringing the complicated world of submissions into a manageable process. I left her presentation re-energized about submitting.” Maggie M.

Includes: Presentation (60 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)

Suggested audience: Writers interested in traditional publication from teens-adult.

“I’m a young writer feeling lost in the publishing world. I have love for my writing and what I have created, but the process of publishing has dismayed me. Jessica’s presentation gave me reassurance, hope, and understanding.” Janie R.



Workshops to come!


The Writer Mindset & Work/life balance.

What Being an Editor Taught Me about Being A Writer.

Agent Interviews-Building the Right Business Partnerships.

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