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Through the Foreshadows 

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I wrote this piece mid-February, 2023. I was in early stages of grief, had a cold I couldn’t shake, and was taking a class with a teacher in Japan, so…
Chronos & Chiara a novel by Jessica Conoley

WIP: Chronos & Chiara

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The box had decidedly not been there before. Because nothing was allowed her. Nothing of her own. Nothing of theirs. Things could cause harm, and Chiara needed no more ways to harm as she was already labeled a danger.

TCA Guiding Principles

Mindset: What Your Writing Is Training You For

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Living your life as a working creative is living in that moment of you don’t know what happens next. Again, and again, and again. Your writing has been training you for this moment.  Your writing has been training you, so you can start living your real life. 

The Most Significant Choice Of Your Writing Career

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As you rewire your brain you may even learn to enjoy the current stage of your writing career. But the jump from “Why would anyone read my work?” to “My work is great,” is not natural.  If you try to go directly from the former to the latter, you’re probably going to feel delusional, as opposed to empowered.

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