You finished your draft! The story is done! It’s time to… let someone else read it. Sharing a manuscript for the first time can be daunting, but when you have the right Beta Readers sharing can be educational, encouraging, and exciting! In this workshop we’ll break down: what a Beta Reader is, how to find one, what they can do for you and your work, how to cultivate long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with your Betas, and more. Walk away with a blueprint on how your Beta Readers can help your writing shine.

Includes: Presentation (45 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes).

Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Attendee Experiences

“A one-hour presentation is the equivalent of a 101 class. Incredibly thorough and positive.”

-Marlis M.

“Jessica’s Beta Reader Basics presentation provided process to move from plan to action.”

-Robert D.

“Very helpful! If you ever have any questions about Beta Reading this the professional to ask!”

-Teresa F.

“Jessica is very knowledgeable and also very entertaining, with a great sense of humor.  Her presentation was well organized and structured.  Very clear explanations.”

-Nancy W.

“Knowledgeable, very confident, humorous. Combining the best of educational, entertaining, and inspiring.”

-Katherine E.