July Co-working Dates-Great for nonwriters & writers alike.

“Joining the co-write sessions provides me with accountability for a range of goals from writing, to editing, to pesky admin tasks. I’m better able to reach my   word count goals and stay focused on writing, as opposed to hanging out on social media or baking cinnamon rolls. I’ve also learned helpful tips and tricks from others. Best of all, I’ve found a sense of community with other people who hear voices in their heads.”   – Natasha H. If you would …

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A Website Refresh

I’ve been making some updates over on my website. I switched hosting providers so things are moving more quickly, and it should be easier to find all the ways you can work with me or join my writing community. When you head over to if you notice anything that can be improved, or make the site more user friendly please let me know!

Three Voices. One Story.

I did an experiment! With friends. My friends and I wrote this week’s essay together. It was pretty fun writing with other people.  This is the first time I ever tried it, and I may try it again in the future. When the world is on fire I turn to my writer friends because they understand the compulsion to use our writing in a meaningful way.  I turn to two particular writer friends because they are the women I’ve been …

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Interview with the Group Authorpreneurship Class of CLARITY

CLARITY Interview Group Authorpreneurship Coaching Graduation Follow Up – Spring 2020 Jessica Conoley: Your class blew me away because regardless of the pandemic and it feeling like the world was falling apart around us everyone was so committed throughout the entire four months we worked together. I am so impressed with the level of focus and determination you all showed, especially throughout March and April. You all chose CLARITY for your class name, which I absolutely love because I believe …

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Blocking Business Days

If you have the desire to share your writing with as many readers as possible, you’re probably looking at publishing your work in some manner.  And it turns out writing and publishing are two very different beasts. If you’re trying to balance getting your work published with making time for writing, block a few business days into your writing calendar. Business days are days dedicated solely to moving your publication path forward by: 1) Researching agents. 2) Researching markets. 3) …

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Save the Dates, Tip Round Up, and Meet My New Roommate!

Tip Round Up I like it when I can find things easily, which is why I’ve decided to add Tip Round Ups to my monthly newsletter. Roundups will list all the tips I’ve shared in one easy to reference list for you. Below is everything we went over in 2019.  Can’t wait to see what we add in 2020! Craft tips: To Be + (-ing) First Draft Words Color Code & Find Balance Authorpreneurship tips: Author Websites-Step 1 Dear Ally, …

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