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Creating Through the Impossible

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What do you do when you’re faced with an unexpected shutdown? How do you stay true to your creative ambitions and still handle what life is throwing at you? I struggled with that question for sixteen months as my mom was dying.

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Essay: An Energetic Scavenger Hunt

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I used to tell stories in long form essays, every-other-week like clockwork, delivered to your inbox. I did this for a number of years, six of them I think—maybe five, maybe seven, maybe none of that matters. 

The Color Eater a novel by Jessica Conoley

The Color Eater – First Chapter

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Olena Burnwhite is the last known color eater: a rare atypical human whose touch draws energy out of organic matter, draining it of color. Separated from her father as a kid, Lena knows next to nothing about her atypical gift, except that it’s put a target on her back…

Jessica Conoley's Thoughts On...

Time for a Fresh Start

My intuition has been telling me that 2023 is the year I’m supposed to “Let myself be seen.” Not a comfort zone message for an introvert like myself, but I’m…
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