Author Lora Senf

“Before working with Jessica, I had no writing community and no sense of all that is involved in the writing process beyond putting my story down in words. I had a manuscript, and a lot of hope, but otherwise had no idea what I was doing. Through her mentorship I gained answers to questions I didn’t know to ask, and now have a small but fierce group of incredible critique partners. There is no doubt I am a better writer – both in terms of craft and business – thanks to the opportunities provided by Jessica’s mentorship.”

-Lora Senf – GAC & one-on-one coaching client

“Jessica is such an incredible mentor and coach. Her feedback on all aspects of my manuscript was concise and constructive and made it so much stronger. I am so grateful for Jessica’s professional guidance, both on and off the page, in helping me get me this far in my career. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to not only strengthen their writing but also for those trying to navigate this, often times, frustrating career path.”

-Paula Gleeson – GAC & one-on-one coaching client
Author Paula Gleeson
Author Kellie McQueen

“[Jessica] approaches the industry with the passion of a creator and the business acumen of an entrepreneur. Seeing that approach opened my eyes to the business side of publishing, which was completely foreign to me.

Jessica whipped my class into shape in just a few months, and watching the others in my group really fast-tracked our growth. I wouldn’t have learned as much with a traditional one-on-one coaching setup. Jessica took her time with each of us and did her fair share of hand-holding, but the discussions our group had really added another dimension to the education we received.”

-Kellie McQueen – GAC & one-on-one coaching client

“I had high hopes for the class and they were surpassed. Not only did the class help me with my writing and the business side of being an author but it kept me focused and productive during a pandemic. I’m walking away from the class wishing it didn’t end. My takeaways though are invaluable … a new set of critique partners, a polished manuscript, a plan for social media, and a professional website. Take the class! Everything Jessica does is professional and top notch — this class is no exception!”

-Amy Leigh Harden
Group Authorpreneurship Coaching Client

“Anyone considering this course would not regret taking it. Jessica incorporates the individual needs of each member in her lessons, then her lessons go far beyond that. I loved how encouraging and supportive Jessica was as she shared her wealth of knowledge. I have new tools and habits, confidence in all aspects of my writing career moving forward, and the invaluable friendships that have started through this course.”

-Jennifer Smith
Group Authorpreneurship Coaching Client

“GAC kept me writing during the challenging early weeks of the lockdown here in England and the experience of talking to a group of other writers every week, same time and same place, has been so valuable. Jessica teaches you the lessons you’ll need to make your writing shine and at the same time you’ll meet some fantastic people. I can’t wait to see what everyone in the new Clarity critique group writes next!”

-Emma Gibson
Group Authorpreneurship Coaching Client

“It’s great to know our group will continue our conversations by email/Zoom, and other social media to support one another. We have also read craft books together and shared insights. I highly recommend this class mainly because of the coach, Jessica Conoley. Thanks Jessica, for your professionalism, humor, and vulnerability. You bring compassion and hope to a writing world that can be harsh and impersonal. Having a writing career takes a skill set that goes beyond good writing and Jessica brings all that into play. I’m so thankful I could participate in this class with Jessica at the helm. Her weekly assignments covered all the aspects needed to create and maintain a successful writing career.”

-Lisa Daly
Group Authorpreneurship Coaching Client