Explore your creative ambitions & how you will bring them to the world in our weekly coaching sessions.

We focus on mindset transformation to move you out of self-doubt, overwhelm, & mental fatigue. Coaching empowers you to take inspired action by providing tools to increase productivity, happiness, & creativity.

I know your creative vision has the power to change lives; the first life it will change is yours!

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  • Positive Intelligence
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Individual Coaching

Bring your creative vision to the world with confidence, support, and focused execution by investing in one-on-one weekly coaching.

One-hour sessions uncover misbeliefs that have left you unsure and paralyzed for too long. Discover clarity on next steps & find balance in your busy life.

Great for: reconnecting with creativity & purpose, launching a business, struggling to finish a project, & more.

Group Coaching

Expand your support system and receive personalized coaching simultaneously.

Learn from other’s struggles and victories during weekly shared-coaching sessions. This small-group format allows you to connect intimately with others committed to creativity, personal-growth, and living their dreams.

Great for people: who feel alone in their creative pursuits, wanting to expand their support network, writers 30k+ into a MS prepping to query, & more.

Individual Coaching With Editorial Feedback

Write your book with weekly editorial feedback & one-on-one coaching.

Grow confidence in your writing skills and tackle the mindset issues that have kept you from finishing this important project. Sessions empower you to write through life-coaching, editorial insights, and external accountability.

Great for: Entrepreneurs & thought leaders wanting to connect with their audience through writing, writers aspiring to finish a draft, & more.

*5-10 page writing sample required.

Join me for a complimentary one-hour coaching session. We’ll explore your creative ambitions and discover if my coaching style inspires you.