I’m so excited to be a mentor for 2018’s YA4YA project!

Writing is hard. Publishing is a whole different kind of hard. Doing them both at the same time can feel pretty impossible, especially if you haven’t yet found your writer community. But, once you find your writer friends, writing and publishing feels a lot more possible, and sometimes exciting, and occasionally it will even be super fun.

Kansas City has a crazy supportive writer scene, and I was lucky to fall into a pool of writers right at the start of my career. Tenured writers have improved and accelerated my career exponentially. They started by editing my drafts. Then encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and volunteer for a literary non-profit. They offered my name as a speaker for author events, so I could hone my skills in front of a crowd. And one time, they even got me into a Super Secret Library event where I talked to George R.R. Martin!

And now, through YA4YA, I get to be a mentor to help newer writers level up! I get to take all that time and energy other’s have invested in me and invest it in you!

If you’re a YA author, and want help getting to the next level of your career head over to YA4YA.com to get all the details.

We’re accepting applications October 1st – October 15 of 2018, and there are 12 potential mentors eager to work with you!

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