Last Pilot Workshop–for now!

Join me this Saturday, March 30th from noon – 1:30 CST for Building Your Creative Support System!

The pilot workshop series is coming to a close for the next few months. Brains need time to integrate when they’re learning, and these workshops have taught me a ton! I think it’s super fun that you’ve been learning alongside me. And this is the perfect workshop to close on, because the class is a great example of how a positive support system can work for you.

Attendees have been learning from my experience and knowledge base, but you all have been teaching me about where I have opportunities to expand, explore, and learn in each pilot. It’s also a great example of a positive energy loop, because you lend me your excitement about subjects I may have grown tired of. And, I ignite an interest in new areas that fuels your energetic growth.

This week we’ll be exploring:

  • Your Creative Support Triangle
  • Who and when to trust others with your creative ideas
  • The misbelief that the industry is against you
  • How and when to ask for help

Classes are via Zoom and last one hour. We normally have Q&A for about 30 minutes after. And it’s a blasty blast good time.

Find samples of previous workshops here.

Registration and payment* required to attend.

Pilot workshops will resume in a few months.

*Classes are symbolically priced, so you pay what you can afford. Recommended donation $44/session. Patreon Patron’s of $15+ all classes are included in your monthly membership.

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