Have you been looking for another writer who is invested in their craft and will offer feedback on your latest work-in-progress? Are you willing to invest your time in a fellow writer and expand your critique and editing skills? This two-hour workshop covers CP basics and allows attendees the chance to connect with other potential CPs during the speed-match portion.

Walk away with a list of writers as dedicated to the craft as you are, as well as a road map on how to navigate the opening stages of a CP relationship.

Includes: Presentation (30 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes), Meet & Match (1 hour 15 minutes). Option to expand to a half day workshop where authors practice their critique skills as Jessica facilitates different types of critique formats.

Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Attendee Experiences

“This was a great introduction to the critique partner process and relationship.  It’s the missing ‘first step’ I’ve needed to move forward.”

-Paula S.

“Very useful! Looking forward to talking to my critique partner again!”

-Malachi W.

“Great introduction to working with critique partners.  So glad I came.”

-Kirstin E.