Critique Partner MatchUp Workshop – 1 week from today

Patrons attend next week’s Critique Partner MatchUp workshop for free!  You will need to register so I can get info on genre/experience/what you’re looking for in a CP/etc. 

Have you been looking for another  writer who is invested in their craft and will offer feedback on your  latest work-in-progress? Are you willing to invest your time in a fellow  writer and expand your critique and editing skills?

This one-hour virtual workshop covers  Critique Partner basics and allows attendees the chance to connect with  other potential CPs. Walk away with a list of writers as dedicated to  the craft as you are, as well as a road map on how to navigate the  opening stages of a CP relationship.

Register to attend at 

Feel free to share the info with friends.  It’s $5 for non-Patrons.

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