Earballs Interview Library

A library of my interviews & a few highlights for you.

Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino’s Podcast 32 minutes

  • Jem & The Holograms (IYKYK, IFYD google immediately. Your life will be better.)
  • Radiohead
  • Magical Rainbows
  • Deborah Shouse

I Am Refocused Radio 30 minutes

  • My coaching origin & corporate escape stories.
  • Unlearning & why it’s so imperative .
  • How sharing my daily sticker chart impacted other people in ways I didn’t understand.
  • Why trial & error is a key component of how I found my personal daily process.
  • What I’ve told 5th Graders.
  • How changing your words leads you to changing your actions.

KKFI Artspeak radio. My part starts at the 20 minute mark. 20 minutes

  • What to say when someone asks us to do something for free.
  • How to begin owning our worth as a creative.
  • Ideas on how to give back through your work & still get paid.

Life With Francy Podcast 45 minutes

  • Positive Intelligence and simple steps to help you with productivity & emotional regulation
  • Virtual co-working and why it totally rocks
  • Asking for the type of feedback you need from people
  • Stickers!
  • Dawn Downey

TheStclairspeaksshow Podcast  45 minutes

  • How creative bravery leads to real life bravery
  • More on how to own our worth as a creative
  • How speaking to children terrifies me
  • How to train our bodies to crave & show up for our creative work.

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