“Jessica was great to work with. She’s a fast communicator and her edits were spot on. I could give many examples but I’ll focus on one major problem I had. I’m on the third revision of my WIP and it’s been through three BETA readers who thought something was off on the structure. Nobody could really pinpoint exactly what it was but something wasn’t working. Jessica immediately identified the problem and had three great suggestion on how I could fix it. I’m halfway through her suggested edits and she was right! I highly recommend her!”

Amy Leigh Harden

“Jessica has amazing editorial intuition. She not only helped me with mechanical and format issues, she gave insightful direction about plot, character POV, and general flow. She challenged me to make my manuscript better. Now I’m confident to start shopping it to agents.”

-Jim C.

“Jessica’s editing style is generous, precise, and backed by a wealth of creativity and industry knowledge. I worked with Jessica for over five years on my writing, and I know first-hand how a writer at any stage in their career can benefit from her detailed individual feedback. She has a novelists approach to narrative and the ability to see how components work together in the big picture, which is essential for anyone who feels their project has come to a stand still. Her attention to craft helped me see opportunities in my work that were hidden at the time, and ultimately made the prose stronger. She sees quality and potential in every style because her level of close-reading is discerning enough that it transcends genre. Jessica Conoley is amazing.”

-Annie Raab

“Jessica gave me just the right feedback I needed on my contemporary middle grade novel manuscript. Before her edit, I felt stuck and overwhelmed with all I knew needed work. At times I considered giving up or doubted whether my novel was workable. Jessica provided encouragement and professional eyes to get me back on track. I now have a roadmap. She maintained my vision and gave feedback that strengthens my novel by giving an overall view of themes, characters, voice, world building, and plotting. Thanks so much Jessica.”

Lisa Daly

“Jessica’s editing instructions are insightful and clear. She said, ‘Move this sentence down three paragraphs.’ I did, and then the story flowed effortlessly. She has an eagle eye for spotting the best place to begin a story. After I get a piece back from her, I’m inspired and can’t wait to start writing. She’s easy to work with, she welcomes my questions, and stops when my sensitive writer’s ego can’t take another suggestion. Because of her editing, my third published book is quantum leaps better than my first one.”

Dawn Downey