Finding & Working with BETA READERS workshop

Join Jane Friedman and me virtually on April 27, 2023 at noon CST for my Finding & Working with BETA READERS workshop. (Can’t make it live? That’s okay you can watch the recording.)

You finished your draft! The story is done! It’s time to … let someone else read it.

Sharing a manuscript and asking for feedback can be daunting, but when you have the right beta readers, you can gain insights that will help you improve your manuscript exponentially. This stage of revision allows you to learn where your story can improve, what you are doing well, and if your manuscript is coming across the way you intended.

This class is a deep dive into everything you want to know about beta readers.

Step away from the workshop knowing:

  • Where to find beta readers
  • The (not as scary as you think) way to ask someone to beta read
  • Time guidelines (saving yourself time and realistic turnaround requests)
  • What to expect from a beta reader (sample feedback)
  • What to do with beta reader feedback
  • Considerations if you should/want to pay for beta readers
  • How to respond when you are asked to be a beta reader
  • And more!



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