For Your Earballs: Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino

Last week I was featured on the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino’s podcast.

I had a blasty blast good time during the interview and am grateful to Joe for investing his time in me.  He’s a fellow Kansas City native best known for his Neon Jazz radio show, but his Famous Interviews side project is totally amaze-balls too.

Yes, this is a professional interview to build awareness for my business. But we can do that authentically in ways uniquely our own, and a few things I was happy include in the interview are:

  • Jem & The Holograms (IYKYK, IFYD google immediately. Your life will be better.)
  • Radiohead
  • Magical Rainbows
  • Deborah Shouse

“The year I let myself be seen” may be transitioning to the year “I let myself be heard” because I don’t feel obligated to dry my hair & put on makeup if we go the audio route.

Happy listening!

I have quite a few interviews I’ll be releasing this quarter, and my Patrons get a sneak peek on all of them!

They had this interview in their in-boxes the day it went live.

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