Learn how to be a CP other writers clamor to work with and how to build a support group for your writing. Learn the elements of constructive feedback and hone your critique skills. From finding critique partners and beta readers, to the value of accountability partners and emotional support groups, successful writers create a support network. Learn how to build yours to become the best writer you can.

Includes: Presentation (40 minutes), Q&A (20 minutes). Option to expand to a half day workshop where authors practice their critique skills as Jessica facilitates different types of critique formats.

Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Attendee Experiences

“Jessica answered all the questions I had about critique partners that I didn’t even know to ask! I left more informed and with practical information I can (and will!) use right away. Thank you!”

-Sue M.

“Energetic, entertaining presentation about how to create, find writer’s critique group. Stories and first-hand experiences make this presentation a hit!”

-Debbie T.

“Jessica’s presentation was packed with useful information and tips, and I recommend it to all aspiring writers. I’m glad I attended her class.”

-Stephen V.

“I appreciate how Jessica provides pragmatic, practical advice as well as affirming the lived, often times emotional experience of being a writer.”

-Mary S.