January 2022-A New Coaching Partner & we want to work with you!

Group Apprenticeship Coaching for Writers is back in January, and I’ve brought in the phenomenal developmental editor, Natasha Hanova, to take the program to the next level.

I’ve spent years refining a coaching system that: helps you build a writer support system, demystifies the business side of publishing, & provides personalized guidance to the next step in your writing career. But, now, through The Creative’s Apprentice, I’m taking group coaching to the next level.

Natasha is an exceptional developmental editor who brings decades of industry experience to our program. We are co-coaching the January – April 2022 GAC program, meaning you’re receiving the combined power of our brains and experience, every single week, for four months!

If you’re preparing a manuscript to query or publish, want to connect with other writers, and are looking for mentorship in this weird world of writing apply for coaching today.

Before working with Jessica, I had no writing community and no sense of all that is involved in the writing process beyond putting my story down in words. I had a manuscript, and a lot of hope, but otherwise had no idea what I was doing. Through her mentorship I gained answers to questions I didn’t know to ask, and now have a small but fierce group of incredible critique partners. There is no doubt I am a better writer – both in terms of craft and business – thanks to the opportunities provided by Jessica’s mentorship.

Lora Senf, author of The Clackity MG horror coming June of 2022


  • Mindset and business coaching from Jessica. Accountability & writing craft coaching from Natasha.
  • Sixteen weekly lessons tailored to Uninitiated writers. Includes: deep dive into mindset and career clarity, foundations of building an author platform, book marketing basics, revisions with beta readers, querying, the agent/author relationship & more.
  • Small group format to ensure you receive personalized feedback.
  • Open coaching allows you to learn from what your fellow writers are going through.
  • Opportunity to present a full MS for feedback.  Jessica and/or Natasha will beta read your manuscript and provide line edits on the opening ten pages.
  • Access to 3 weekly co-working sessions to increase productivity & help you carve out writing time.

Even more benefits continue for 18 months after you graduate from the program!

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