A Scavenger Hunt to End the Year & A Library Build to Start 2023.

I swear, my website designer didn’t know 2023 was “The year I let myself be seen.” I’d kept that little tidbit to myself when I told her I wanted to overhaul JessicaConoley.com into something representative of my personality that functionally highlighted my business offerings.

I laughed when she came back with the final design because 1) I was super uncomfortable with it, and I always laugh when things are uncomfortable.  2) When my intuition says we’re learning a lesson it goes all in, and with five different iterations of Jessica via film and photo in this design there’s no denying that I am letting myself be seen.

So even though it’s hugely uncomfortable, I’m leaning into the design and accepting this as a moment of growth to prepare me for unknown adventures to come.

Over the next few months, I’ll be building out the fiction and non-fiction libraries. As I add a piece to the library it will go out in my newsletter. And yes, there is a new fantasy novel in progress that I’m saving for the final reveal, so stay tuned.

I started the library build with An Energetic Scavenger Hunt, which made me think it would be fun for you to have a real scavenger hunt.

JessicaConoley.com Scavenger Hunt

(Desktop version only. For a better user experience, small screens like phones don’t have all the fancy fun stuff.)

· How to drain the color from the site

· 4 variations of my headshot

· The name of the research institute that kicked off my writing career

· Phryne Fisher red-haired Jessica

· A cat wearing spectacles

· A free coaching session

Have fun playing, and thanks for supporting me! I’m curious to see where 2023 takes us, and Happy Holidays.


p.s. I’m running some tests on newsletter formatting, so if things look a bit wonky the next newsletter or two thanks for understanding. It’ll end up pretty for your eyeballs eventually.

p.p.s. I’m sorry if those tests mean this was a repeat email you got! In 2023 emails are scheduled to go out every two weeks, and they shouldn’t be repeats. I’m 99% sure I have all the bugs & formatting errors out of both my site & my newsletter now, so we should be good in 2023 🙂 Thanks for your patience. I appreciate you!

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