Kansas City Voices Volume 11

When we write there is no way to be objective about our own work. We’re too close to it. That’s why the editorial process is so important. A good editor knows how to highlight the strengths in a piece and showcase talent in the best framework possible.

In 2012, I took over as Managing Editor of Kansas City Voices. I’m proud to put my stamp on the long-established print magazine, and got very lucky when the job fell into my path. My favorite part of editing for this project was curating our selected pieces into a cohesive collection. I learned something from every issue, and my work with Whispering Prairie Press led me to meet more talented writers and artists than I can count.

With Volume 11 I got over-enthusiastic about all of the talent we had available to us and jammed as many pieces as I could into the issue. This meant cutting a few expected pages, like the letter from the editor. I was actually relieved to cut the letter though, because I wasn’t comfortable being the voice for an organization. While I spoke at many of our events there was something about recording a letter in our publication that felt permanent and terrifying to me.

For a preview of the issue click on the image below.  You can learn more about the publication at http://www.wppress.org/