KC Creates Interview-Caleb Harman

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Dapoxetine Uk Buy Online Caleb Harman is a hell of an artist and the penultimate creator—which is why I decided to make him the first non-writer interview in my podcast series. I know absolutely nothing about art, and was a little worried my lack of knowledge would lead to a crap interview, but it turns out creativity doesn’t care what medium we work in. Caleb and I had plenty to talk about including:Caleb Harman drawing

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  • How a childhood diagnosis changed his awareness of the world and can serve as a jumping off point for his art.
  • Why the darker side of things is more engaging, mysterious, and fun to explore.
  • As in the H.R. Giger alien that Ridley Scott brought to film.
  • The similarities of art processes vs. the gardner/architect approach to writing
  • Why he decided graduate school was the right place for him to expand his creative community.
  • The need for a transition time between home life and artistic productivity.
  • What you thought being an artist mean when you were growing up verses the reality of what being a working artist actually is.
  • The evolution of Story in visual art and his current exploration of world-building mythological creation.

http://wellbeingclinic.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1542063335.1340370178222656250000 Listen to the whole interview at https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/jessica-conoley/


Buy Dapoxetine Sweden Caleb’s picks for KC Creatives to keep our eyes on are: Studios Inc, and painters Lauren Wells and Ricky Allman.

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Provigil Buy Check out Caleb’s art on instagram @featherharman or learn more at http://www.csharman.com/

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