KC Writes Interview-Dane Zeller

This week I sat down with Dane Zeller-master of dialogue, short story writer, playwright, novelist, and unbeknownst to me prior to this interview, actor and producer.

You can hear the full interview at http://jessica-conoley.podomatic.com/ where we talk about:Dane Zeller author

  • Using dialogue as an outline for a short story.
  • The difference of writing a short story with a lot of dialogue verses a story that is acted out on the radio.
  • How his “silly little words” were turned into drama via radio actors.
  • The rewards of being a playwright and seeing your work become a joint effort.
  • The (sadly all too common) tale of woe when your story gets accepted, but never published.
  • What it means to be a producer and how it compares to critiquing.
  • Why he is drawn to “lesser” characters who are overlooked by society.
  • And Dane teaches me a new word zugzwang

Dane went above and beyond when finding KC Creatives for us to keep our eyes on. He listed the entire KKFI Shots in the Night crew including: Mary Wilkens, Sallie Downing, Rohn Dennis, Rozanne Devine, Mary Gerlt, Mark Naggi, Ralph Tomlinson, Martin Tomlinson, Scott Vroegindewey, and Bill Clause

Learn more about Dane at http://www.danezeller.com/


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