KC Writes Interview-Pam Eglinski

Pam Eglinski-authorI had a great time interviewing Pamela Eglinski for my KC Writes interview series. Pam and I first met through Kansas City Writers Group, and we worked together on Volume 10 of Kansas City Voices.

We had tons of fun talking about:

  • The challenges of writing: novels, novellas, and anthologies. Pam talks about how each form is a beast of their own.
  • How her art background can serve as inspiration, and how a Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec fits into her current time-travel historical novella.
  • The gift and curse of having a writer’s observation skills. And how observing the real world helps make stories stronger—even when writing stories about otherworldly creatures like mermaids.
  • Pam’s tricks to focus herself and get work done.
  • The tricky line of research and writing, and if the story line comes first or the research?
  • Traveling to the end of the Silk Road in China, and how travel plays into the authenticity of her writing.
  • What being a member of the Alliance for Independent Authors has done for Pam.
  • And so much more, including my favorite the part where I put Pam on the spot in the speed questions round.

You can listen to the whole podcast at: http://jessica-conoley.podomatic.com/

I round out every interview by asking about three KC Creatives we need to keep our eye on. Pam had a hard time choosing individuals and chose to talk about the great community Kansas City has built for creative people, our beautiful Kaufman Arts Center, and the Nelson Atkins Museum.



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