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KC Writes Interview-Shannon A. Thompson

Posted on Jul 9, 2016 in Interview, KC Writes

Meet the (indirect) inspiration for the KC Writes interview series: Shannon A. Thompson! I had a great time interviewing Shannon—not only is she an extremely versatile writer, but she’s also the first fantasy author I’ve been lucky enough to interview.

Check out the full podcast at for details on:Shannon A. Thompson-Writer

  • The surreal nature of being the guest of honor for events that you used to sit in the audience for.
  • Novel writing vs. writing shorter works, and how going back and forth between the two can help keep things fresh.
  • How studying and writing poetry helps her write novels.
  • The challenges of world building for a fantasy series, and the need to embrace the fact early on that you’re not sure how the world is going to look.
  • Why the word damp hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves.
  • When your 4th grade teacher gives you advice that shapes writing for the rest of your life.
  • How a good earth shattering nightmare can be excellent fuel for your art.

And of course one of them most exciting parts… Shannon’s picks for Kansas City Creatives we need to keep our eye on are: Natasha Hanova, Megan Kaminski, and Headrush Roasters Coffee.

Learn more about Shannon’s work at: