For Your Earballs: Life With Francy Podcast

I have Francelyn Devarie to thank for opening up amazing opportunities for me at the beginning of this year. It all started with an invite to be a guest on the Life With Francy Podcast.

In January of 2023 I got one of those best emails. The kind that is completely unexpected and from a person you truly enjoy. Francy was reaching out to me to ask if I would be a guest on her podcast. We’d both been social media stalking one another, but hadn’t talked or seen each other since 2019. I jumped at the chance to spend an hour with her and immediately booked a time to be on her show.

We had a fantastic interview where we talked about:

  • Positive Intelligence and simple steps to help you with productivity & emotional regulation
  • Virtual co-working and why it totally rocks
  • Asking for the type of feedback you need from people
  • Stickers!
  • Dawn Downey

And yes, you can listen with your earballs at the link above, but Francy has a YouTube channel–so you can also catch it with your eyeballs!

This interview is what led me to investigate Podcast guesting as an authentic and organic way to market my work. What I found is that I had more energy after completing an interview than before, and I could talk about creativity and living your dreams for a billion hours easy.

For the first three months of the year I tried out Podmatch. The platform was super easy to use, and all these interviews expand the way I can connect with readers, coaching clients, and other creatives.

Thank you Francy!

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