6/14 7:30 p.m. CST-Mindset Challenges of a Writing Career Class

I realized I can teach you everything about business-ing, but if we don’t have our mindset in the right place it’s all irrelevant. So, I decided our June 14, 2021 Monday night class is going to be: Mindset Challenges of a Writing Career. 

Writing is a hard industry,  but it’s impossible if we don’t have the right mindset. This workshop  delves into the mental challenges you’ll face in a creative career. Walk  away with a series of exercises and resources to re-frame the “hard  parts” & tools to re-set your mindset so you can get back to  writing.

For anyone who has struggled to get words on the page because they think they aren’t good enough.

Class format is presentation, followed by feedback, & Q&A session. 

Registration required for non-Patrons. (Patron’s I’ll send out a reminder email with our normal link on the day of class.)

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