A New Shop & New Workshop

Have you seen my new online shop?

A few of you have stumbled onto my new Patreon shop, and I appreciate the support you’ve already shown me!

My favorite part is the sample clips the shop provides of each workshop. I also like that it gives me one consolidated place to post my recorded content.

If you’ve ever wondered about what I do as a coach, explore the shop and you’ll see.

And, for all of my $15+tier Patrons, you get access to ALL of the shop content as part of your subscription.

Join me this Saturday, March 2nd from noon – 1:30 CST!

I’m having a blast spending time with you every-other week as part of my pilot workshop series. I have tentative plans on what we’re going to cover, but because these are first time workshops sometimes things take a turn & we end up in unexpected places. Like how Thwart Your Dream Assassins turned out to be about Mindset Traps, & the class on Time & Space ended up turning into two separate classes.

This week we’ll be exploring:

  • The myth of the starving artist
  • Paying ourselves for Creative Work
  • Money as an energy neutral tool
  • How to accept payment and the words to use to ask for what you deserve

Classes are via Zoom and last one hour. We normally have Q&A for about 30 minutes after. And it’s a blasty blast good time.

Find samples of previous workshops here.

Registration and payment* required to attend.

*Classes are symbolically priced, so you pay what you can afford. Recommended donation $44/session. Patreon Patron’s of $15+ all classes are included in your monthly membership.

Your financial support keeps me writing!
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