Nebula’s update

The Nebula’s were fun and I learned a ton. There was so much to process after I made it home it took me a good week to sort everything out. A few highlights:

I got so many FREE books! 15 to be exact, and I could have had more but I was flying and didn’t have room in my luggage for more.

I made real life friends. Some of them even live in my home-town!

My panels went exceptionally well, and it reinforced my confidence in my non-fiction writing and coaching to an exponential degree.

I realized I needed an energy revision regarding my fiction writing. There was nothing wrong with my writing, but the energy had grown stagnant attached to that writing. I’d been away from it for so long, I’d lost some of my connection with it; but, luckily the Nebulas helped me get it back.

I still had some mindset work to do. I know from coaching mindset misbeliefs root deep, and we continually have to work on them. I realized I had more work to do on my mindset when people kept telling me to, “Have fun!” Until that point, it hadn’t even crossed my mind I could have fun, because it was a work event. I was conditioned to think work had to be hard drudgery. So the weeks leading up to the event I actively worked to reprogram myself with the phrase: “I expect magic & mystery, joy & surprise, fun & adventure all of the time.” The trip delivered on all counts.

If you want to see photos from the event head to @theCECoaches on Instagram and scroll back to June 6-10th.

I’m deep into some big writing projects right now so those are consuming my time and attention. Once those are pretty-pretty-princess good enough to move along to the next step, I’ll have more time for newsletters.

Hope you’re doing well & thanks for your support!


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