New Benefits & day/time for you!

I appreciate all of you who support me financially via Patreon every month and work alongside me in our coworking & coaching sessions. 

If you’d like to join this fantastic group of individuals you can become a Patron at 

This month I’ve added more benefits for Patrons and updated the group coaching time. 

BIGGEST changes are:

Group coaching is moving to 2nd Saturdays at noon. Pilot class attendees have liked having the consistent energy realignments, this schedule change keeps that option open to you in the month’s we aren’t running pilots.

TCA tier includes access to everything in my shop and 50% off one-on-one coaching sessions.

A full run down of what you receive in exchange for supporting me financially each month:

$30 Group Coaching Tier 

  • Once-a-month Group coaching. (2nd Saturdays noon- 1 p.m. CST) An interactive session allowing you to get personalized guidance. Coaching can be re: creative business, energetic concerns, personal growth, or any other topic you feel comfortable sharing. Energetic alignment included in each session. (Yes, we can do tarot readings if you want.) 
  • All the benefits of the other tiers.

$15 TCA Insiders Tier

  • Access to ALL workshops in my Patreon store for no additional charge.
  • 50% off one-on-one coaching sessions with me.
  • Invites to & recordings of Pilot workshops. Patrons receive first access to every workshop, in addition to Q&A opportunities on that month’s topic.
  • TCA official monthly newsletter with business and mental fitness tips delivered to your inbox.
  • All the benefits of the CWC tier.

$5 Co-work Creatives Tier

  • One FREE one-on-one coaching session with me.
  • The Jessica Conoley “official writer” newsletter delivered to your inbox.
  • 4 times per week co-work virtually with other creatives & me. Hang out with other people, find your focus, and get stuff done. Mondays & Fridays 10 a.m. – noon CST, Wednesdays 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. CST. Mondays 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. CST
  • Super secret Patron-only content.
  • My sincere thanks and gratitude.

If any patron hasn’t utilized their FREE coaching session you can book here at any time. 

If you want to change tiers:

  • Log into Patreon
  • In the Left side bar under MEMBERSHIPS click on Jessica Conoley
  • Click on MEMBERSHIP in the center menu bar

Thank you again, and if there’s anything you think would be a great addition to the Patreon tiers please let me know! 

Your financial support keeps me writing!
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