A behind the scenes look at an author’s path to traditional publication. From a novel’s first critiques to finding an agent and submitting a final manuscript with the Big-5 publishers. This workshop provides insight to both the writer and editor’s perspectives on publication.

Walk away with in-depth information and resources (including recommended reading, podcasts, and website references) to guide you on your next steps to traditional publication. Great for fiction or non-fiction authors shopping either short works or books for publication.

Includes: Presentation (60 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)

Suggested audience: Writers interested in traditional publication from teens-adult.

Attendee Experiences

“What Jessica Conoley has to share is a crash course in how to get published. Her message is clear and entertaining. She takes you on her journey to published writer.”

-Jan W.

“Jessica is great at bringing the complicated world of submissions into a manageable process. I left her presentation re-energized about submitting.”

-Maggie M.

“Very informative talk on the ins & outs & the level of persistence & perseverance needed to publish work traditionally.”

-Michon Z.

“The best thing about Jessica’s advice is her friendly encouragement balanced with the facts and information that is actually useful.”

-Melissa D.

“I’m a young writer feeling lost in the publishing world. I have love for my writing and what I have created, but the process of publishing has dismayed me. Jessica’s presentation gave me reassurance, hope, and understanding.”

-Janie R.