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Author Websites 101

This workshop provides a play-by-play of the necessary components for your author website. Beginning with basics like: choosing your url, why your site needs to be responsive, and what a hosting provider does for you. As your career grows so will your website, and this workshop provides step-by-step how-tos about the additional pages, content, and functionality you’ll want to add.  Walk away with an Author Website Checklist and a plan for site maintenance and expansion throughout your writing career.

Beta Reader Basics

You finished your draft! The story is done! It’s time to… let someone else read it. Sharing a manuscript for the first time can be daunting, but when you have the right Beta Readers sharing can be educational, encouraging, and exciting! In this workshop we’ll break down: what a Beta Reader is, how to find one, what they can do for you and your work, how to cultivate long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with your Betas, and more. Walk away with a blueprint on how your Beta Readers can help your writing shine.

  • Includes: Presentation (45 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes).
  • Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Building Your Online Writing Support Team

Learn how to strengthen your writing support system & build your writing community virtually. We cover: ways to connect digitally, thebenefits of online co-working sessions, how to join existing Zoom critiquegroups, ways to set up new writing cohorts, and more. Walk away knowing you can find other writers who will offer social, industry, & critique support virtually.

The Business of Writing & Authorship

A sustainable writing career requires more than good writing, it requires an understanding of the industry and a consistent investment of time in your writing business. This workshop lays a foundation of effective, sustainable, long-term business practices for writers. This 3-hour workshop covers: an Authorpreneur’s mindset, time-blocking & marketing efficiently, & business basics like: book-keeping, when to look at setting up a business structure (i.e. LLC, corporation, etc.), & finding the right business partners.

Critique Partner Match-up

Have you been looking for another writer who is invested in their craft and will offer feedback on your latest work-in-progress? Are you willing to invest your time in a fellow writer and expand your critique and editing skills? This two-hour workshop covers CP basics and allows attendees the chance to connect with other potential CPs during the speed-match portion.

Walk away with a list of writers as dedicated to the craft as you are, as well as a road map on how to navigate the opening stages of a CP relationship.

  • Includes: Presentation (30 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes), Meet & Match (1 hour 15 minutes). Option to expand to a half day workshop where authors practice their critique skills as Jessica facilitates different types of critique formats.
  • Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

First Page Critiques

Making sure your first page stands out in the slush pile is the first step to getting your story published.  Bringing my editorial experience front and center, I provide insights into what publications are looking for as they read through the slush.  Anonymous pieces submitted by workshop attendees are read out loud, allowing attendees to learn across a variety of genres, styles, and experience levels. I then offer constructive feedback on each of the opening pages with the aim to get you out of the slush pile and into publication.

How to Find (& Be) A Great Critique Partner

Learn how to be a CP other writers clamor to work with and how to build a support group for your writing. Learn the elements of constructive feedback and hone your critique skills. From finding critique partners and beta readers, to the value of accountability partners and emotional support groups, successful writers create a support network. Learn how to build yours to become the best writer you can.

  • Includes: Presentation (40 minutes), Q&A (20 minutes). Option to expand to a half day workshop where authors practice their critique skills as Jessica facilitates different types of critique formats.
  • Suggested audience: Beginning to intermediate writers.

Path to Traditional Publication

A behind the scenes look at an author’s path to traditional publication. From a novel’s first critiques to finding an agent and submitting a final manuscript with the Big-5 publishers. This workshop provides insight to both the writer and editor’s perspectives on publication.

Walk away with in-depth information and resources (including recommended reading, podcasts, and website references) to guide you on your next steps to traditional publication. Great for fiction or non-fiction authors shopping either short works or books for publication.

  • Includes: Presentation (60 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)
  • Suggested audience: Writers interested in traditional publication from teens-adult.

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