Saturday workshop & Bold Journey Interview!

Bold Journey interviewed me this month, and it was fun to get to talk about how my career has evolved over the past few years. It’s the first time I’ve openly discussed how energy experiences have shaped my coaching career, and it was liberating to not feel like I had to hide that part of my work any longer. 

I also really liked the question about 3 qualities that are important to develop.  Read the whole interview here.  


Saturday (February 3rd) at noon CST is workshop #3 in the Saturday workshop series.

(Missed the Clarity or Mindset Traps workshops? You can listen here!)  

This week we’re covering How to Make Time & Space for Your Creative Work .

I intend to cover:

  • How physical space impacts creation
  • How boundaries with others is keeping a promise to our-self
  • The true amount of time you need to make progress on a project
  • Honoring your personal creative cycle & allowing space for ideas to grow. 

Register for the class here. It is symbolic pricing meaning you pay what you can afford to attend. (Recommended donation $44/class.)

All TCA Insiders ($15 & up) Patrons classes (including playback recordings if you’re unable to attend live) are included in your tier. Same link as co-working for every class.

Looking forward to seeing your faces on Saturday.

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