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Secret stuff I’m working on the next few months & a new tier!


You know how I launched my company, The Creative’s Apprentice, last year? Well I decided I wanted to level up my street cred, so I enrolled in a Life Coaching Certification through MindValley. The certification fulfills the education requirement for ICF accreditation.

The International Coaching Federation is the street crediest-of-cred giving coaching orgs, and once I have their stamp of approval people are going to be like, “OMG that TCA lady is so legit I want to learn all of her brains because she gets what it’s like to be a working creative!”

Certification and accreditation both require me to log coaching hours. Which is where you can come in. This March, I’m starting monthly group coaching for Creatives.

Once a month I’ll put all my brains, experience, and freshly certified learning to work for you. Anything you’re working to improve in your creative career or creative life we can dig into. Plus the virtual small group format allows you to get personalized coaching, learn from what other creatives are struggling with, and expand your support system.

Because of ICF requirements the space in this tier is limited. ¬†Looking forward to the post future Jessica is writing where I tell you all your help has paid off & I’m ICF legit!

In the mean time have a blasty blast good day, and thanks for being a Patron ūüôā


p.s. When I graduate from certification, everyone in this tier is going to get access to a super special opportunity that gives you 100% of my Certified Life Coach undivided attention and brains… Future Jessica is working on that part right now too. ¬†Future Jessica is so, so busy.

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