Conferences are back & It feels a little strange.

I’m excited to present in real human life this Thursday and Friday at the SMIAH Writers Conference. Imari & I are both attending and we’ll be learning all the writerly things and meeting some new people. I’ll also be teaching a few things about the business side of writer world.

I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty weird. I’m a little nervous about it and feel out of practice for presenting. I’ll have to put on a whole outside the house outfit instead of just a waist up Zoom outfit. But, I’ve been taking an energy class the past six weeks and I’m curious to experiment with some of those techniques and see how it helps with my ability to maintain my energy.

If you’re attending the conference please come find me and say hi. I’ve missed your real-life faces.


p.s. I won’t be able to make the Friday morning 10 a.m. CST co-working session since I’ll be presenting, but you all know what to do without me! Log on and work away. Have a great weekend.

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