Nebula’s update

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The Nebula’s were fun and I learned a ton. There was so much to process after I made it home it took me a good week to sort everything out.…

To Keep From Overheating – Tarot Update 

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Remember how I’ve been doing tarot card readings over on Instagram? It’s been the greatest learning lesson in energy exchange.   @tarot4creatives was set up while I was working with an energy…

We are now The CE Coaches!

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I love a good plot twist, and my company has thrown me a big one this year. It’s time for a new name and some major tweaks at the foundation…

Join Me at the NEBULA AWARDS!!!!

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I am very excited to announce I’ve been invited to be a panelist at this year’s Nebula Awards conference in Pasadena, CA. When: June 6-9th, 2024. My specific panel is…

A New Experiment—Introvert Marketing

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In May I’m beginning a new experiment over on Instagram. It’s such a serious face experiment I hired a virtual assistant to help with the logistics and keep me accountable…
Jessica Conoley's Thoughts On...

2022 & the full story

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That update on my about page took much longer than I expected. As always, writing about the events helped me see the lessons more clearly and learn from what I…

New Benefits & day/time for you!

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I appreciate all of you who support me financially via Patreon every month and work alongside me in our coworking & coaching sessions.  If you’d like to join this fantastic…
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