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Mindset: What Your Writing Is Training You For

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Living your life as a working creative is living in that moment of you don’t know what happens next. Again, and again, and again. Your writing has been training you for this moment.  Your writing has been training you, so you can start living your real life. 

The Most Significant Choice Of Your Writing Career

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As you rewire your brain you may even learn to enjoy the current stage of your writing career. But the jump from “Why would anyone read my work?” to “My work is great,” is not natural.  If you try to go directly from the former to the latter, you’re probably going to feel delusional, as opposed to empowered.

Earballs Interview Library

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A library of my interviews & a few highlights for you. Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino’s Podcast 32 minutes Jem & The Holograms (IYKYK, IFYD google immediately. Your life will…
The Color Eater a novel by Jessica Conoley

The Color Eater – Nevile Fano

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Arm in arm, we march through the stone archway, leaving our charcoal soldiers at Nevile’s feet holding back the tumultuous throng. I know it is only a building beyond these shadows. But the knowledge does nothing to ease the feeling that I’m about to be eaten alive.

Building Your Creative Support Triangle

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The key to emotional well-being and continued productivity is knowing which part of your support system to call on and when. Once you start looking you can find support everywhere: from writers and non-writers, people you may never meet in real life, and more.

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