Shannon A. Thompson

First Draft Words & Writers United

What are your first draft words? Every time I start a first draft I want to die, because its bad… really, really bad. It is full of lazy verbs, vague descriptions, and brimming with first draft words. First draft words are crutch words–the words I use to get me into a scene or get two characters talking to one another. When I’m starting my 2nd draft, and re-reading that crap-tastic first version, I highlight first draft words and I compile …

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It’s Time for the LitUp Festival-Saturday 5/12/2018

Join me May 12th, 2018 at the Mid-Continent Public Library’s LitUp Festival. This all-day literary event was designed with teens in mind. I love when young fans get direct access to the creative minds that inspire them, and that’s exactly how MCPL set up the day. Teens are staffing the event and interviewing all of the panelists. MCPL’s done a phenomenal job putting together panels that include bestselling authors, screenwriters, poets, and illustrators. I’m fan-girling hard about the night’s keynote …

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