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2022 & the full story

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That update on my about page took much longer than I expected. As always, writing about the events helped me see the lessons more clearly and learn from what I…

New Benefits & day/time for you!

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I appreciate all of you who support me financially via Patreon every month and work alongside me in our coworking & coaching sessions.  If you’d like to join this fantastic…

I Hid Part of the Story from You

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In addition to updating my bio every year, I update “The Whole Story” section on my ABOUT page.   The whole story section serves a couple of purposes. 1) If…

Last Pilot Workshop–for now!

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Join me this Saturday, March 30th from noon – 1:30 CST for Building Your Creative Support System! The pilot workshop series is coming to a close for the next few…

A New Shop & New Workshop

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Have you seen my new online shop? A few of you have stumbled onto my new Patreon shop, and I appreciate the support you’ve already shown me! My favorite part…

Books Update

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In October I sent my agent, Lucy, 25ish pages from the non-fiction book I’ve been working on. I was terrified to send them to her for a few reasons.  1)…
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