Unlocking My Intuition – Part 1

Three-and-a-half years ago I stumbled into another unique set of skills I possess, but to be perfectly honest they scared the shit out of me. The next few newsletters I’m going to share how I uncovered my ability to intuit information and abilities to move and release energy for myself and others.

I am well aware this is the type of the thing that historically has gotten people burned at the stake and locked in mental institutions. I know that by saying this publicly I will lose credibility in some people’s eyes, and that there are some people who may choose to quit interacting with me because these skills conflict with their personal beliefs.

But, after educating myself, working through my own doubts and worries, and studying with teachers who have a similar skill set to me, I know that using these abilities publicly will help exponentially more people. I also know that everyone has these skills and with practice they can refine them.

When I say my Patreon Patrons get the inside scoop on things, this is the type of stuff I’m talking about. Below is the letter Patrons receive when they sign up. They have known about my abilities from the early months of my discovery. Because they did not judge or shame me for what I was learning, and often explored alongside me in my experiments, I have finally gotten to the point I am willing to share publicly.

These next few months are about to get real, real weird; and I’m so curious where we’ll end up.

January 5, 2020

In my never-ending effort to turn off the over analyzing, hyper-rationalizing voices in my brain, I began a quest for information about how to listen to my body and trust my intuition. Of course, that quest led me to a library book, Practical Intuition by Laura Day.

Now I’m the type of reader who normally likes to tear through a book, especially if it’s a subject or story I’m really interested in. I sat down with the book in my lap, ready to devour the entire thing in one sitting, coming out fully in touch with my intuition and ready to conquer the world. Then I read the part that said something along the lines of Don’t devour this book in one sitting, because you need to take your time and work through the exercises because what you’re learning is hard and a lot of work and will feel unnatural to you. I promptly got annoyed and put the book down.

Cut to a few days later. I was sitting in my living room muttering into the voice memo app on my phone at the direction of this weird ass book. I sounded straight up delusional and was grateful only the cats could hear. When I finished that morning’s recording I said, “Crap.” Because the last words on the recording were, “T & L in Montana.” My weird ass intuition book had just dragged my friends into this experiment, and now I had to decide if I should tell them. Plus, the dumb book had thrown in a deadline, because T & L were scheduled to move to Montana in two months.

It took over three weeks to finish the book, and I was left with a slew of random lists, odd paragraphs of descriptions, and a dozen voice recorded memos. Overall the book left me feeling like things were going to turn out okay, but also perplexed. I didn’t know what to make out of a lot of the information. It was like having puzzle pieces, but no picture of the puzzle to clue you in on what the hell you were trying to make.

I had a pre-move dinner date scheduled with T & L. Luckily, L always says, “Tell me more.” when I’m up to something slightly kooky. So I thought screw it, and on our second glass of wine, I blurted, “I think when you move to Montana there’s going to be a comedy of errors of some sort. Like you look like another person who lived in town who people don’t like, and you keep getting mistaken for them or something. At first people might be mean to you, but then it ends up being really funny and you all end up being friends.” Her response was to pour us another glass of wine.

Two-and-a-half months after I finish the book, T & L left Kansas City, MO at four in the morning, drove all day, and got into Bozeman, MT around midnight. I texted the next day to make sure the move went okay.

L sent this back: I think your case of mistaken identity happened last night. The girl who lives next door has been having trouble with some migrant workers who live above us and apparently have been trying to squat in vacant apartments. She called the cops last night after we arrived thinking it was them in there and it was us. I was wondering if this could be the mistaken identity?

I raced to my room, grabbed my journal of weird ass nonsensical notes, and flipped to exercise #15. There in dark green ink and really-crappy-early-morning-brain-not-working kind of handwriting it said: Gingerbread house in the woods. I’m telling somebody else’s story. Hansel & Gretel cabin by H & G are gone & it’s abandoned. Traveler finds it & moves in. Didn’t know the bad witch had lived there. They [T & L] can’t get people to come over for dinner b/c everybody says you’re the witch. Comedy of errors. “No please come over.” People don’t understand what they’re trying to do, until there’s a couple that’s dared to come over & they end up having dinner & all become friends. | Cottage house like cabin in the woods. | It wasn’t about luring people to danger it was about mixed messages & community. | Went from abandoned to being warm & cozy full of family friends & life | Change in feeling. Willing to see past who a person is because end up being really good friend. | T & L in MT.

I emailed L my notes, and we agreed the traveler finding an abandoned space combined with the mistaken identity was too weird and close for this not to be it. I decided if L ended up being friends with the girl who called the cops, it was definitely 100% what exercise #15 was about.
Cut to early May, 2020. [At this point we’d been under quarantine for the Pandemic since March 17, 2020 in Kansas City.] I flipped through the pages of my journal, all the way back to completely incomprehensible exercise #4, where four months prior I had written a list, which included:

Fish | Yangtze | Home | 2 Years

The Yangtze part really had me stumped. The question in the book was name a river, but I didn’t even know where the Yangtze river was. Home & two years felt like they went together, and connected to the stay-at-home-orders we’ve all been dealing with for the past few months. And they had to stay-at-home in Wuhan [the town in China where Pandemic originated from] before we did. Was Wuhan on the Yangtze river?

Google pulled up a map, and there was the Yangtze cutting straight through the city of Wuhan.

Damn intuition book why you so weird? Okay, so Yangtze, home, & 2 years went together–What about this fish thing? Oh yeah, didn’t they say the first reports of COVID were linked back to a wet market? And hadn’t I never heard of a wet market until the COVID reports started, so in my brain it was a fish market? I closed my journal more than a bit shell shocked.

This made no sense. Absolutely no rational, logical person could trust this type of data. It was inconclusive, partial, and random.

I did not predict a pandemic back on January 4, 2020. And it didn’t matter that exercises #8, 11, & 14 also had stuff about HOME and just being “f-ing home” over-and-over again. This was nuts.

But wasn’t this exactly why I ended up reading that weird ass book in the first place?

Yes. Yes, it was.

Hadn’t I wanted to get out of my head, stop over thinking things, and learn to trust the part of me that knew something to the core, even though there was no logical reason to believe the something?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Was I going to trust myself and the weird random notes I made in this book? Was I going to believe that for two years our world is going to be home centered, and I’d need to find out what my new normal is?

Yes. Yes, I would.

And that dear Patron is the completely improbable, highly fantastical explanation of why I thought we were going to be in lockdown for two years, and why I set up my Patreon to be community based.

Thank you for joining the community!


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